WoLLNET Project – Newsletter 1, April 08

Welcome to the first WoLLNET Newsletter!



What is the WoLLNET project?

The aim of the WoLLNET Project is to research, trial and develop a web-based, user-friendly Toolkit to enable employers, providers and unions to evaluate the impact of workplace basic skills (literacy, language and numeracy) training programmes on learning, and individual and organisational performance.

The project runs for two years from 1st December 2007 and is jointly funded by the European Commission's Leonardo da Vinci Sub-Programme, the London Development Agency and the Learning and Skills Council London Region.

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What are workplace basic skills and why do they matter?

Workplace basic skills are the basic communication and maths skills needed to function and progress at work.

International research has shown that across Europe large numbers of people have low levels of basic skills while changes in the nature of work mean these skills are in greater demand than ever before

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Furthermore, providing basic skills training at work can have a number of significant bottom-line benefits for organisations. Among the many organisations reporting such benefits are DHL, who have seen productivity increase by 12% since the launch of their basic skills development programme, and Serco Group Plc, who, since the launch of their ‘Skills for You’ initiative, have seen staff retention figures increase and notable improvements in employee morale, confidence and loyalty to the company.

Click here to read more about the benefits of training on the Skillstories website (English language only)



DIUS and IiP join the Project Steering Group

We are delighted to announce that the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) and Investors in People (IiP) have both joined the WoLLNET project Steering Group. They will join existing Steering Group members Asset Skills, Business in the Community, Learning and Skills Council – London Region, London Development Agency and unionlearn with the Trades Union Congress.

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Project website launched

The project website is now ‘live’ and available in four partner languages: Czech, English, German and Romanian.

On the site you will find a range of information about the project, including a project summary, background information, reports, and details of the innovative features and anticipated impact of the project. Further news items, reports and details of project events will be added as the project progresses.

Please visit the website at www.WoLLNET.org



Research and consultation phase complete

As part of the first phase of the project, researchers from the University of Exeter were commissioned to carry out a literature survey of relevant training impact evaluation theory. Alongside this, project partners across all seven participating countries conducted consultations with stakeholders on their experiences, views and needs in relation to training impact evaluation through focus groups and an email / online survey.

The results of both the literature survey and stakeholder consultations have now been analysed and a final report, including recommendations for the development of the Toolkit, has been produced. The report will be made available on the website shortly – please check the website for details: www.WoLLNET.org



Toolkit development and trialling

The next phase of the project will involve developing a trial version of the Toolkit based on the recommendations of the Research Report. Work on this is already underway and we are on schedule to begin the first phase of Toolkit trialling in the UK in the Autumn this year.

Once the first phase of trialling is complete, necessary revisions will be made and a second phase of trialling will take place in Spring 09 in five of the partner countries (Austria, Germany, Romania, Switzerland, and UK).




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